Hydroxycut Super Elite
Bodybuilding Energy

Product size: 90 Capsules

Product brand: MuscleTech

UPC registration: 631656608243

Description - Hydroxycut Super Elite Bodybuilding Energy

Hydroxycut Super Elite Performance Series Enhanced Focus* Explosive Energy* Powerful Thermogenesis* Weight Loss* Smart Release Microbead Technology™ Extreme Sensory Hydroxycut® Super Elite combines a powerful combination of precisely dosed ingredients, including satsuma orange supplying beta-cryptoxanthin, huperzine-A and yohimbe. The unique formula delivers an unrivaled sensory experience you won't find anywhere else.* Enhanced Focus This super-engineered formulation contains a potent dose of a precise caffeine molecule to deliver enhanced mental focus.* Explosive Energy & Powerful ThermogenesisEach serving delivers caffeine anhydrous to amp up your training or deliver a boost of energy when you need it most and trigger intense thermogenesis.* Boost Metabolic EnergyThe advanced blend of ingredients also includes B vitamins that support macronutrient metabolism - the conversion of fats, carbs and proteins into metabolic energy.* Scientifically Studied Weight Loss Hydroxycut Super Elite contains ultra-premium C. canephora robusta. This key ingredient is backed by two research studies on humans for real weight loss results.^ Extreme Energy, Enhanced Mental Focus & Intense Thermogenesis* Hydroxycut® Super Elite contains a novel combination of satsuma orange (supplying beta-cryptoxanthin) and huperzine-A and is engineered to delivery an extreme sensory effect.* Hydroxycut® Super Elite also delivers a precise dose of scientifically studied caffeine anhydrous (C8H10N4O2) for explosive energy and to enhance focus and thermogenesis. With just one dose, you will have more energy to help you to train with more intensity. Trust Hydroxycut Super Elite to give you the edge you need to achieve the body you've always wanted.* Smart Release Microbead Technology™ Each powerful serving of Hydroxycut Super Elite is delivered in a novel and cutting-edge delivery system. Smart Release Microbead Technology™ utilizes the latest advancements in microbead science to encapsulate active ingredients and suspend them in a rapid-dispersing liquid compound. This powerful formula delivers hours of energy and advanced weight loss combined with unparalleled sensory for an experience you'll love.* One serving of this product contains up to as much caffeine as 2.5 cups of coffee."