Natures Caffeine 200 mg
Bodybuilding Energy

Product size: 60 Capsules

Product brand: Natural Balance (Pep)

UPC registration: 047868377264

Description - Natures Caffeine 200 mg Bodybuilding Energy

Nature's Caffeine Plant Based -- Triple Plant Power 200 mg Caffeine Per Serving Green Tea Guarana Yerba Mate Nature's Caffeine is different than most other caffeine products. Most other caffeine products use a highly processed, synthetic form of caffeine. But Nature's Caffeine come from sources such as Green Tea and Yerba Mate leaves along with Guarana seeds. The effect is energizing -- without any added sugar, calories, stained teeth or questionable ingredients. So if you are looking for a better way to take advantage of the benefits of caffeine because you may have a long day ahead, need some extra help to focus for a deadline or just want to improve the performance of your next workout, Nature's Caffeine may help. With many sources of caffeine available, it is sometimes difficult to know how much caffeine you are actually getting. Nature's Caffeine makes it easy to know exactly how much caffeine you will get. Each capsule provides 100 mg of plant-sourced caffeine. 1 Capsule = 1.5 Cups of Coffee, or 2.5 12 oz Cans of Soda Vegetarian Capsules."