High Performance Carbs
Bodybuilding Energy

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Description - High Performance Carbs Bodybuilding Energy

High Performance Carbs Carbohydrate Supplement For Energy & Endurance* Premium Energy Fuel* Boost Performance* Replenish Glycogen* Instant Mixing 0g Protein 20g Carbs 0g Fat 80 Calories Unflavored and Unsweetened For Workouts: Before — During — After Pure Complex Carbs — Premium Energy Fuel High Performance Carbs is the ideal stimulant-free complex carbohydrate energy source for boosting your performance in the gym, for competitive events, for endurance activities, or use it as a component of a muscle-building program.* What It Is: The only ingredient in High Performance Carbs is a special form of maltodextrin (from corn) containing medium-length glucose polymers. These complex carbs are more readily absorbed by the body and easier to digest compared to many carbs found in many foods.* This makes it perfect for before, during and after exercise when you don't want to feel weighed down. How It Works: These complex carbs give you a competitive edge since they promote glycogen synthesis, the process that replenishes glycogen (carbohydrate stores) in the muscle and liver. Glycogen is the body's most important fuel during intense exercise. The more glycogen available to your muscles, the longer and harder you can compete or train before fatigue sets in. Depleted glycogen levels lead to exhaustion, poor performance and impaired recovery for your next event. Use High Performance Carbs to easily and efficiently replenish depleted glycogen stores, fuel hardworking muscles and restore energy levels.* Use Pre-Workout: Load your muscles the night before a strenuous workout or event. Then, before the workout, make a pre-workout drink by combining 10g of whey protein or 5g of branched chain amino acids with 10-40g of High Performance Carbs. Use During Exercise:Sipping a drink containing High Performance Carbs during workouts can also help your body release insulin, which in turn blunts the effect of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is your muscle's enemy since it tears down muscle and converts it to fuel. One study showed the normal increase in cortisol levels from exercise was reduced by 65% when athletes were given a 6% carbohydrate solution during exercise compared to those drinking water.* Use Post-Workout: Another critical time to consume a carbohydrate/protein drink is immediately after a workout. Studies show you can increase glucose uptake and protein synthesis over 250% compared to waiting just a few hours.* A post-workout drink should contain at least 15g of whey protein and 1 to 4 times that amount in High Performance Carbs (15-60g). Mix in water or juice. Carb Replenishment Rate: To determine the amount of carbs burned during exercise to replenish, use the following guidelines: Light Exercise (Walking) - 1g/min (60g/hr) of Carbs Burned Moderate Exercise (Sports/Weightlifting) - 2g/min (120g/hr) of Carbs Burned Heavy Exercise (Fast Running) - 3g/min (180g/hr) of Carbs Burned High Performance Carbs mixes easily into any liquid and is virtually tasteless. No flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives have been added. It's versatile -- you determine exactly how many grams of carbs you need. And it's economical -- about one-third the cost of sugary sports drinks when comparing the cost per gram of carbs. Fuel your body with premium energy fuel from High Performance Carbs and boost your performance to new heights!"