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Product brand: CytoSport

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Description - CytoCarb Bodybuilding Energy

Cytocarb Maltodextrin Powder 52g Complex Carbohydrates 210 Calories 2g Total Sugars 0g Fat Gluten & Soy Free Unflavored Superior Performance and Recovery Cytocarb® powder provides complex carbohydrates for serious athletes with specific needs and goals. Cytocarb powder is built to help customize carbohydrate intake. Just Carbs The only ingredient in Cytocarb powder is maltodextrin; which makes it your go-to source for complex carbs. 100% maltodextrin; long chains of energy-supplying glucose No added sugars, flavoring, colors or other ingredients. Customize Carb Intake Some days you want more carbs than others. Cytocarb powder is designed to let you control the number of carbohydrates you add. Cytocarb powder dissolves easily in most beverages and shakes. Mix with water, juice or other drinks to increase carbohydrate content. Cytocarb powder has little to no taste impact so you get added carbohydrates without added sweetness. Cytocarb powder is a convenient way to get the carbs you want to help reach your goals."