Vitargo (New Improved)
Bodybuilding Energy

Product size: 771 Grams

Product brand: Vitargo

UPC registration: 852886008065

Description - Vitargo (New Improved) Bodybuilding Energy

Vitargo Before / During / After Same Day Recovery* Fastest Body Fuel* No Bloating* No Crashing* Vitargo® is the fastest, university-proven body fuel to power your performance and recovery. Elite fueling for hard training is the ideal system to expand the boundaries of human endeavor, sustain metabolic balance, and form a scultped physique. Our mission doesn't stop there. When you fully fuel your training you also support your body's needs throughout the rest of your day. Our goal is to empower your desire to train hard and meet the intense demands of a full life. 1 Scoop per hour Fuels moderate intensity exercise 2+ Scoops per hour Fuels high intensity exercise"