Xtend Ripped
Bodybuilding Energy

Product size: 501 Grams

Product brand: Scivation

UPC registration: 842595103151

Description - Xtend Ripped Bodybuilding Energy

Xtend Ripped Non-Stimulant Cutting Formula + BCAAs 7g BCAAs Supports Fat Loss* Promotes Muscle Growth* Supports Recovery* Replenishes Electrolytes* Capsimax Capsicum Extract Scivation XTEND RIPPED™ brings you all of the benefits of Scivation XTEND®, but now with enhanced non-stimulant fat loss and thermogenic capsaicinoids to help you attain the lean, ripped look you desire. Additionally, you'll find the same researched dose of 7g BCAAs in the clinically supported 2:1:1 ratio, along with 2.5g glutamine, 1g citrulline malate and our electrolyte blend for ultimate hydration.* Scivation XTEND RIPPED, designed for workout recovery, optimized for supporting body composition.*"