Bodybuilding Energy

Product size: 2.4 Pounds

Product brand: Allmax Nutrition

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Description - Carbion Bodybuilding Energy

Carbion High Performance Carbohydrate 50g Carbs 0g Gluten 0g Sugar Rapid Glycogen Loading Saturates Muscles for Maximum Performance & Recovery* Electrolyte Infused for Maximum Hydration & Performance* Extended-Duration Energy for Epic Training Sessions* 6-Carbs: Cyclo-D™, AWM2300™, Fibersol-2™, DE-5™, Rice & Potato High Performance Training Fuel* Sustained Energy for Extreme Training* Pre-Contest / Pre-Training Carb Loading* Increases Nutrient Absorption* Draws Water Away From Skin* Zero Bloating & No Digestion Issues* Gluten Free Train Harder. Recover Faster. Get Results! Carbion+ is a 6-Source, Sugar-Free, Ion-Charged Carb Complex with unique properties owing to its very large molecular weight and low osmolality. While carbs with low molecular weights, such as sugar or dextrose are typically held in the stomach for up to an hour, Carbion+ moves rapidly to the small intestine where complete absorption powers your workouts like never before.* What does this mean to you? An exceptionally well delivered energy-source that keeps muscle full and veins thick via enhanced glycogen levels and blood plasma volume.* Ion-Charged Ion-Charged means that we have infused Carbion+ with all 4 key electrolytes. When mixed into solution, these charged particles dramatically enhance hydration levels, improve absorption and replace electrolytes lost through sweat.* What does this mean to you? Optimal electrolyte mediated hydration throughout your workout yielding superior results through the toughest training.* Maximum Uptake & Utilization Problem with more simple carbs, they can shoot your levels sky high leaving you feeling weak and spent. Carbion+ has engineered a complex of plant extracts that maximizes the absorption and utilization of the carbs you need.* More importantly, effetive carb utilization has a nutrient partitioning effect. This means that the nutrients in Carbion+ are preferentially taken up by muscle tissue, further feeding your gains.* What does this mean to you? Carbion+ delivers energy to power the most intense training and accelerates glycogen replenishment to improve recovery.* Don't Be Fooled By Simple Carbs! Even starches like rice, potato and even maltodextrin can be simple carbs. The claim is usually stated as 'Enzymatic Milling', but all this means is that the carb has been reduced to a near simple sugar. They are cheaper and easier to work with, but they do not provide the performance benefits of Carbion+. The difference is the complexity of the carb. With Carbion+ we show you exactly what the molecular weight is. Each carb source in Carbion+ is completely declared, gram by gram. Each carb source in Carbion+ has a molecular weight ranging from 45,000 to 200,000.* 6 Carb Source Complex CCD™: Highly-Branched Cyclic Dextrin AWM2300™: Ultra-High Molecular Weight Amylopectin Waxy Maize DE-5™: High Molecular Weight Complex Polysaccharide Fibersol-2™: Digestion Resistant Dextrin Rice-Derived Polysaccharide (Starch) Potato-Derived Polysaccharide (Starch) Pre -- During -- Post-- Workout: Train With More Power & Recover Faster!*"