Bodybuilding Energy

Product size: 240 Tablets

Product brand: Allmax Nutrition

UPC registration: 665553202532

Description - HemaNOvol Bodybuilding Energy

HemaNOvol 3MPD Extreme Pre-Workout Nitric Oxide CapTabs Muscle Volumizing Vaso-Hemodilator* 3MPD™ 3-Stage Multiphase Pharmaceutical Delivery™ Nitric Oxide Induced Rapid & Sustained Hemodilation* Powerful Vascular Blood Volumizing Effects* Explosive Muscular Expansion* 48-Servings 64-Day Cycle 64 Days of Extreme N.O. Vaso-Muscular Expansion* HemaNOvol® is a complete 64-Day Cycle comprised of a potent formula, designed to deliver immediate results! Aside from HemaNOvol®'s industry-first 3MPD™ delivery system, it provides a full 3,260 milligrams per dose of the highest-grade L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, L-Ornithine blend on the market. If you're looking for results, look at our label -- HemaNOvol® pulls no punches, every single ingredient is listed clearly with amounts; no ridiculous hidden blends that hide actual ingredient amounts. Take each 5-CapTab dosage before workouts as directed by the recommended use of the 64-Day Cycle. Each aspect of this 5-blend, 15-ingredient formula has been designed to deliver mind-blowing results in the least amount of time! A powerful formula that combines a high-potency Theobromine, Gingkosides, Ginsenosides and Octacosanol with a never-before-seen arsenal of delivery and absorption factors; HemaNOvol® is an unmatched, first-of-its-kind CapTab that you will have to experience to truly believe. Give HemaNOvol® 64-Days of dedicated training and you will be shocked by your results!* 3-Stage Multiphase Pharmaceutical Delivery™ CapTab Technology Allmax has utilized a groundbreaking hybrid pharmaceutical delivery system to maximize the impact and effect of HemaNOvol®. Three separate and distinct disintegration phases create an immediate and prolonged delivery system. This long-term time-release action of the Triphase CapTAB is absolutely essential to the nature of the inherently short-term physical nature of Nitric Oxide delivery technology. Science has proven that the NO molecule is iinherently unstable and as a result, scientists know that if you are going to sustem the potent NO effect, you must deliver a formula designed to increase the hemodilation over a prolonged period of time.* Simply stated, the first two-layers of the 3MPD™ Triphase CapTab prime your system with a rapid flood of hemodilating ingredients initiating a surge of NO within the endothelium. The third and final layer of the 3MPD™ CapTab provides a long sustained delivery using technology designed for and inspired by pharmaceutical applications. This 3rd stage releases the formula over the course of a full 1 hour period, slowly releasing and sustaining this powerful formula within your body.*"