Kyo-Green Energy Tablets
Supplements Green Foods

Product size: 180 Tablets

Product brand: Wakunaga (Kyolic)

UPC registration: 023542700320

Description - Kyo-Green Energy Tablets Supplements Green Foods

Kyo-Green Energy Tablets Greens Blend Barley Grass Wheat Grass Chlorella Soy Free Gluten Free Kyo-Green Tablets contain a unique blend of superfoods that provide balanced nutritional benefits for the whole body.* Barley grass and wheat grass grown in Japan's pristine highlands encourage a strong immune response and sustain energy.* Brown rice and FOS (from chicory root) promote healthy digestion.* Chlorella and kelp's unique nutrient composition supports heart health.* Kyo-Green Tablets are a quick and easy way to get your daily greens. Chew or swallow one tablet at a time. Suitable for Vegans."