Holy Basil Force
Health Concerns Blood Sugar

Product size: 60 Capsules

Product brand: New Chapter

UPC registration: 727783900883

Description - Holy Basil Force Health Concerns Blood Sugar

Holy Basil Force Holy Basil Extract Holy Basil Supports Healthy Immune Function & Helps With Focus & Alertness* Non-GMO Verified Gluten Free Herbal. Holistic. Healthâ„¢. Immune Support Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi, supports immune cells and multiple markers of healthy immune function.* Cognitive Support Holy Basil promotes cognitive functions that support your alertness, focus, and healthy attention span including speed of memory and short-term memory.* Full-Spectrum Potency We use a whole-food approach to deliver a broad spectrum of Holy Basil's beneficial compounds, matching Nature's true profile by extracting the whole leaf using both supercritical and traditional methods. 100% Vegetarian Our full-spectrum process preserves precious plant compounds, delivered in a 100% vegetarian formulation from extract to capsule. Potent Extracts One capsule contains extracts made from 6,928 mg of Holy Basil Leaf. 100% Vegetarian. Vegetarian Capsules."