Lecithin Granules
Health Concerns Brain / Memory

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Product brand: Lindberg

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Description - Lecithin Granules Health Concerns Brain / Memory

Lecithin Granules Unflavored Supports a Healthy Cardiovascular System* Supports Brain Function and Liver Health* Provides Naturally-Occurring Choline & Inositol Supports Cardiovascular, Brain and Liver Health* Lecithin is found naturally in foods like egg yolks and organ meats, which most people don't often eat. That's why taking supplemental lecithin is an inexpensive way to add its incredible powers to your nutrition program. It's a convenient source of choline and phospholipids, which are critical for healthy brain and cellular function.* Lecithin also plays a role in healthy cardiovascular function, liver function, nerve growth, neurotransmitter signaling, sperm motility and optimal physical performance in athletes.* Provides Choline and Inositol Lecithin Granules contain about 222 mg of choline per tablespoon, which is 40% of the Reference Daily Intake amount of choline for adults and children over 4 years old. Just two tablespoons provides about 444 mg of choline — virtually all of your daily need. Plus, you get other important fatty acids such as phosphatidylinositol.* And lecithin granules are easier to consume than swallowing a handful of pills — one tablespoon equals the lecithin found in 6 large 1,200 mg lecithin softgels. Lecithin Granules are derived from soybeans and are vegetarian."