Bodybuilding Amino Acids

Product size: 475 Grams

Product brand: Evogen Nutrition

UPC registration: 793573230577

Description - EVP Bodybuilding Amino Acids

Evopoietin One-Alpha Elite Pre-Workout Solution Maximum Size* Maximum Strength* Maximum Pump* EVP is the synthesis of pharmaceutical technology, neutraceutical ingenuity and the science of elite performance nutrition. EVP's precise formulation was specifically designed with ingredients to increase muscle size and fullness, enhance strength and boost mental focus. EVP is the complete pre-workout solution.* EVP's combination of pharmaceutical and medical-grade, ultra-pure ingredients results in the most advanced pre-workout compound available. Fusil, the driving force behind EVP's powerhouse formula, is pharmaceutical-grade, fermented L-Leucine of the highest quality, made ultra-soluble for maximum absorption.* I made no compromises in the formulation of EVP. That is why EVP is also free of stimulants, carbs and sugars, all of which diminish the desired effects. EVP utilizes only the highest-quality ingredients; proven by science, perfected by research and tested on world-class athletes, there is no other product like EVP. -- Hany Rambod The Pro Creator, Creator of FST-7 Training System, CEO of Evogen Nutrition"