Primadophilus Optima Womens
Health Concerns Irritable Bowel

Product size: 30 Capsules

Product brand: Nature's Way

UPC registration: 033674103364

Description - Primadophilus Optima Womens Health Concerns Irritable Bowel

Primadophilus Optima 50 Billion Active HDS Probiotics Women's Yeast Balance plus Urinary/Vaginal Health* 100% HDS Probiotics No Refrigeration Once Daily Guaranteed Potency Gluten Free, Dairy Free 100% HDS Probiotics Unique Human Digestive Strains Originated from human microflora Compatible with your digestive system Not from plant, soil, animal or dairy sources Delayed Release Vegetarian capsules Made to resist stomach acid and help deliver active probiotics to the intestine 8 Probiotic Strains for Women's Balance 50 Billion active probiotics including researched strains NCFM and BI-04 High ratio of lactobacilli (30 billion CFU) the dominant good bacteria found in a healthy vaginal and urinary tract Plus bifidobacteria (20 billion CFU) for colon support* Fortifies and balances vaginal, urinary and intestinal microflora* Promotes healthy: -Yeast Balance* -Vaginal pH* -Urinary Tract Health* -Digestion* -Immunity*"