Cool Cayenne
Supplements Cayenne

Product size: 180 Capsules

Product brand: Solaray

UPC registration: 076280081015

Description - Cool Cayenne Supplements Cayenne

Cool Cayenne 40,000 HU For Sensitive Stomachs™ 40,000 Heat-Unit The Hot Cayenne That Feels Cool in Your Stomach™ Green Screened Cool Cayenne™ formulas contain 40,000 heat-unit cayenne that has completed the unique and proprietary Bio-Cool process. This process keeps the cayenne in its natural, spicy hot form, but now, it won't burn your stomach. This is accomplished by simply processing 40,000 heat-unit cayenne with 100% natural ingredients including ginger root, modified guar gum, vegetable fiber, and annatto. Vegetarian Capsules."