Magma Plus
Supplements Children & Teens

Product size: 300 Grams

Product brand: Green Foods

UPC registration: 083851205336

Description - Magma Plus Supplements Children & Teens

Nature's Energy Drink 57 Natural Ingredients The Ultimate Super Food Phytonutrients Antioxidants Probiotics Enzymes Natural Dairy Free Non GMO Great Taste Supports Digestive, Nervous, Immune, Muscle Systems Dr. Hagiwara's Magma Plus is a phytonutrient-rich combination of our renowned barley grass juice powder, plus 56 other natural ingredients of the most healthful fruits, vegetables, plants and herbs for a potent and nutritious energy drink. It contains many beneficial nutrients that collectively support digestion, liver function, cardiovascular activity and promote energy levels.* Great Tasting Natural Energy Booster Unlike many chemical stimulants, Magma Plus is a natural energy booster containing important nutrients required to produce the ultimate source of cellular energy, ATP.*"