Chewable Calcium
Supplements Children & Teens

Product size: 120 Chewables

Product brand: Lindberg

UPC registration: 719985602436

Description - Chewable Calcium Supplements Children & Teens

Chewable Calcium Natural Citrus Flavor Plus Boron & Additional Nutrients Promotes Bone Health* Double Verified Gluten Free Calcium is widely known for its importance in building strong bones and teeth. It also supports proper muscle contraction and nerve transmission.* Our Chewable Calcium provides 1000 mg of elemental calcium in four great tasting tablets. It also includes magnesium, Vitamin D, silicon, and boron — all crucial nutrients for bone health.* Our Chewable Calcium is citrus flavored and vegetarian, ideal for children or adults who want to increase their calcium intake. Vegetarian Tablets."