Natural Brain Enhancers
Health Concerns Brain / Memory

Product size: 60 Capsules

Product brand: Doctor's Best

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Description - Natural Brain Enhancers Health Concerns Brain / Memory

Natural Brain Enhancers Science-Based Nutrition With AlphaSize and SerinAid Helps Promote Memory & Attention* May Support Attention, Learning, Memory, and Other Cognitive Functions* Helps Assist the Brain and Body in Coping With Stress* Helps Facilitate Growth Factor Action For Brain Circuit Renewal* AlphaSize (GPC, GlycerPhosphoCholine) and SerinAid (PS, PhosphatidylSerine) are phospholipid nutrients intensively researched for their benefits to diverse human brain functions.* These nutrients naturally complement each other. GPC reaches very high concentrations inside cells. PS is a building block for cell membranes that generate the brain's energy and electricity.* Numerous double-blind trials document the benefits of GPC and PS.* Vegan."