GlycoJect (New Improved)
Bodybuilding Energy

Product size: 2 Pounds

Product brand: Evogen Nutrition

UPC registration: 817189020190

Description - GlycoJect (New Improved) Bodybuilding Energy

GlycoJectâ„¢ Performance Enhancing Supercarb Matrix* Maximum Endurance* Maximum Pump* Maximum Transport* Introducing GlycoJectâ„¢ -- Evogen Nutrition's Elite Pre / Intra / Post- Workout Carbohydrate Loading Solution. Designed to hyper-load muscles with growth and performance fueling glycogen while simultaneously forcing muscle-building nutrients into muscle cells, GlycoJect helps drive maximum replenishment and muscle cell expansion.* Carbohydrates, the primary nutrient fuel source for working muscles, are depleted quickly during intense training. The hyper-volumizing, nutrient delivery complex in GlycoJect is specifically designed to accelerate the uptake of glycogen and muscle-building nutrients into muscle cells to enhance performance and fuel maximum growth and recovery.* GlycoJect contains a precisely engineered, patent-pending carbohydrate matrix designed to pass rapidly through the stomach into the bloodstream, where it is shuttled directly into muscle cells. In fact, it has been shown to absorb up to 80% faster than dextrose, waxy maize or other fast-absorbing carbohydrate sources. The rapid transport of this unique polysaccharide acts like a pump, driving water and nutrients into the muscles.* To further enhance its nutrient-driving capabilities, GlycoJect contains a blend of key ingredients engineered to accelerate nutrient transport and volumization. GlycoJect combines these high-performance ingredients with the nitric oxide and ATP replenishing benefits of citrulline malate to create a potent, ultra-fast carbohydrate and nutrient shuttle system. This super-loading effect of GlycoJect dramatically increases nutrient absorption into muscle cells, supercharging muscle size and pump, and fueling greater growth and recovery.*"